Bharati Scheme : for Education (2017-18)
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Present Education
(Academic Year 2017-18)
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  AP Brahmin Co-operative
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Student's AADHAAR
Declaration & Pledge    

I declare that the above information given by me is true to the best of my knowledge to avail the scheme benefits and in case it is found that the information provided by me is false, the amount sanctioned under the scheme could be withdrawn or recovered from me and legal action as deemed fit, may be taken against me.

I also declare that I have not availed myself of any amount under any other Government scheme for the same purpose.

I promise hereby that thesanctioned amount will be utilised for sole purpose of the scheme and I shall be bound to follow guidelines of the scheme.

I pledge that I contribute my part to the achievement of Vision and Mission of the Corporation to serve the needy Brahmin Community members in Andhra Pradesh for their overall development on a sustainable basis in a selfless and inspirational manner.