Sri Krishna Sudama Endowment Scheme

Background :

Sri Krishna and Sudama studied together in one Gurukula under one Guru and were inseparable friends. Sudama remained poor Brahmin whereas Lord Sri Krishna became a great King and a philosopher. Not able to bear his poverty, Sudama went to Sri Krishna and took with him a handful of rice-flakes which they used to eat together. Lord Sri Krishna received him with utmost affection. Though, Sudama was hesitating to offer rice-flakes Sri Krishna grabbed it from him and relished it better than any other feasts. By the time Sudama reached his house, even without his asking, all wealth was available to him due to the grace of Lord Sri Krishna.

Taking inspiration from this great Puranik story where the God himself helped a needy Brahmin Sudama, we are initiating “Sri Krishna-Sudama Endowment Scheme”.. The Endowment can be created in the memory of any person as per the wish of the Donor.

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Objective :

To collect endowment from Philanthropic Donors and utilise the interest accrued to serve the marginalised Brahmin Community members through Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Welfare Corporation (ABC) for their overall development which includes economic, social, religious and cultural life on a sustainable basis.

Modalities :

  • o From Corporate Houses we look to an endowment of Rs. One crore and above
  • o The minimum amount of donation for individual endowment will be Rs. 5 Lakhs.
  • o The donation can start with Rs. 1 Lakh and with subsequent contribution can go upto Rs. 5 Lakhs or more, as desired by the endowment creator.
  • o Wherever the donation is less than Rs. 5 lakhs, the donor will supplement the interest amount each year (for the period the amount is less than five lakhs) so that the amount disbursed is equal to the interest earned on Rs. 5 Lakhs.
  • o Other family members can also contribute to an endowment already created in favour of their family elders.
  • o Any endowments between Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakhs will be clubbed and administered as combined endowments by the Corporation.
  • o The Endowment Creator or his representative will be associated in the selection of beneficiary or beneficiaries, where the endowment is Rs. 5 lakhs or more. The choice of the endowment creator will prevail as long as it is not against the objectives as set out in the endowment and the broader objectives of the corporation.
  • o The Donor can specify the purpose as well as the criteria for selection of the needy Brahmin for the Endowment.
  • o It can be for Education, Skill Development, encourage Enterprise and for Health purpose or for helping the old and the needy.

Administration :

The “Sri Krishna - Sudama Endowment” will be administered by the AP Brahmin Welfare Corporation (ABC) strictly as per the objectives set out by the Endowment Creator and within the frame work of ABC.

Cheque / DD may be drawn in favour of “ABC – Sri Krishna Sudama Endowment Scheme”