Akshaya Brahmana Nidhi

Akshaya Brahmana Nidhi

Background :

There may be many socially minded philanthropic persons who may not have enough means to create an endowment under Sri Krishna-Sudhama Endowment Scheme, but at the same time they are willing to contribute small amounts in multiples of hundreds one time or regularly over a period of time. In this context, ABC proposes to introduce Akshaya Brahmana Nidhi Scheme to enable socially minded philanthropic persons to contribute to the welfare of the community. The funds will be utilised for meeting the needs of Beneficiaries in the areas of Education, Coaching, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Food and Shelter, etc.

Objective :

To encourage socially minded philanthropic persons, who would like to contribute small amount, in multiples of Hundreds – one time or regularly over a period of time for the welfare of Brahmin Community.

Modalities :

o ABC will receive donations from the persons for the welfare of deserving persons in the community, by way of Cheque / Demand Draft / Online transfers.
o The minimum amount of donation should be Rs. 100 and maximum will be Rs. 1 lakh. (Anyone willing to donate above Rs. 1 lakh can subscribe to Sri Krishna-Sudhama Endowment Scheme)
o The donation received will be the part of Akshaya Brahmana Nidhi.
o ABC will maintain contact details of Donors.

Administration :

o ABC will be responsible for utilizing the Akshaya Brahmana Nidhi.
o A committee will be formed consisting of a Retired IAS Officer, Retired Justice of High Court, a Retired professional from Medical / Financial / Legal/ Corporate, etc. to select the activities or projects on which funds can be spent and ensure that they are spent for the welfare of community.
o ABC will send an annual progress report covering the details of the beneficiaries under Akshaya Brahmana Nidhi to the donors donating more than Rs. 10,000/- in a year.

Cheque / DD may be drawn in favour of “ABC – Akshaya Brahmana Nidhi”

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